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 Leaflets design prices
Prices for leaflets projects are for standard projects or standard graphic developing.
When you need to buy or make additional photographs, drawings, diagrams, etc. the price will be set individually.

1. Flyer/Leaflet design both sides any format. £29
The price for the project is the same for all formats from A6 to A3.

2. Folded Leaflet design. £49 In the case of folding flyers the price is fixed regardless of the format and method of folding leaflets.

Prices for multiple-set basis folders are dependent on the number of pages and the complexity of the project.

Below you can find step-by-step overview of how we are working on leaflets and brochures.
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How we work on leaflets? Print house. Logo Design offer. Corporate Identity
1. Completing materials.

Designing requires a good, thoughtful planning. The first step is to prepare the content and gather materials such as logos, images and any other elements that are to be used in the project flyer, booklet or brochure.
At this stage, you should decide on the final format and specify what leaflet is designed for.

Delivered content should be free of errors: grammar, punctuation and spelling.

We accept only materials in electronic versions, this applies to all pictures and text.

Only after all the arrangements and preparation of materials we begin to work.
With more complex projects, we prepare a preliminary draft that will clearly determine the arrangement of individual elements.

2. Create Project
Designing a brochure or leaflet consists of several main stages.

Before starting a graphics program we must know how best to plan design elements to achieve the goal.
If the main goal is to encourage customers to contact us by phone, we must decide what needs to be used for this purpose (the easiest way is to expose the phone number and the appropriate messages encouraging).

The composition of leaflet is primarily a configuration of elements so the project achieved its goal. In the advertising project nothing should be accidental. The size, location or mutual relations of the different elements of the project should be justified.
While designing promotional materials we also use principles of composition such as the golden ratio or the rule of thirds.

One of the most important elements of leaflets or brochures is the content.
When choosing fonts for advertising materials, we try to carefully choose the right fonts because of their nature. Fonts should be consistent with the advertising message and be legible. It is also important for fonts to complement with each other.

Colour schemes.
Colour is another extremely important part of any project.
Colour is another extremely important part of any project. Colour should be consistent with the nature of the project, attractive and should not interfere with perception.
When working with colour we use existing rules such as the complementary colours, opposite colours and colour patterns.

Subject to all aspects of the work described above, the project will be prepared in accordance with earlier agreements.

3. Consultation and correction.

The finished project is mostly sent to you by e-mail in .JPG format.
At this stage, we look forward to your comments. We assume that you do not need for it longer than 7 days.
After considering the comments, we will placed correction and final version will be sent to you also in .JPG format.

4. The final project.

The finished project depends on individual preferences.
The final product will be ready to print as .PDF project.
If the project contains a small amount of text, ready leaflet will be saved in the desired format such as .JPG or .TIFF.

We do not share open files in Photoshop format (PSD), unless it is agreed before.

5. Approval.

Before accepting the project we encourage you to thoroughly familiarize yourself with it. This is best done by printing a design on any printer.
Browsing the project you should pay attention to the correctness of the data: names, names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
You should also pay attention to the spelling errors and punctuation.
You should check the location of components if for example some items are not unnecessarily obscure the other, whether the project has no unnecessary elements etc.

Of course we make every effort to ensure that the product is free of errors, but final approval is up to you.

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