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Logo design prices
What do you get for £129 :

1. Designed logo or logotype(word mark) provided in several universal graphic formats:
.ai (Adobe Illustrator)
.eps (vector format)
.jpg (bitmap format)

On request, logo can be supplied at no extra costs also in other graphic formats, with additional parameters such as size or colour mode.

2. Transfer logo Copyright and Ownership to the client.

3. Brand book.
This document in .pdf format containing the logo-use guidelines, for example a variety of acceptable variation of the logo, a description of the approved colours and colour variations.

Below you can find step-by-step overview of how we work on logo.
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See how we are working on logo Print house. Logo Design offer. Corporate Identity
Corporate identity is a set of components, including graphics, aimed at creating the image. One of the most important elements of creating the right image is the logo. Logo is most important, but also the most difficult to design because it closely represents the company (or sometimes product).
For that reason, to design a logo, with which you'll be able to identify, the key role is the cooperation between you and us.
We have prepared a short tutorial that describes step by step the various stages of such cooperation.

1. Brief.
Brief, it is necessary guidelines so that we can prepare a logo in conformity with the nature of your business. It should contain information about the company profile, customers, etc. look in brief.

2. Analysis of the market.
After gathering information from you, we try to know and understand the nature of your business or product, to most accurately describe it as a trademark.
We also look at competing companies to get your logo positively stood out among others.
We also analyse your customers and how logo will impress them as effectively as possible.

3. Logo design concept .
We'll provide you three suggestions logo.
Each logo requires a different approach, so this step take 3 to 10 days.

Projects will be prepared with considering shape and typography.
A good logo should provide not just information but also emotions. This requires knowledge associated with design principles, knowledge concerning symbols, knowledge regarding the culture or knowledge of the clients themselves.

Another element is the typography of the logo. Depending on the situation, we try to select an existing font or design letters from scratch.

When creating the logo nothing can be accidental, this also includes colours.
Each colour has its own meaning. Navy arouses confidence, black is the colour of luxury, while the orange represents energy.
Careful, thoughtful selection of colours will significantly increase impact the logo.

At this stage, we offer you three different design of your logo.
Why only three?
If none of them will suit you, it means that we are not able to meet your expectations. However, if you find any of the proposals worthy of attention, you can proceed to the next step.

4. The final design.
Initial projects will help us decide exactly what you want and propose the final version of the logo. If the logo will require correction, we'll do it as many times as necessary to achieve optimal effect.
Ready logo you will receive on a basic, universal graphic formats.

5. Copyright and Ownership.
Along with the logo you also obtain logo design ownership. This means that you get exclusive ownership for logo and you can use the logo on all areas of use.

6. Brand book.
On request, you will receive a brand book. It is a document in pdf format that contains basic information about your logo: its meaning, structure, colour, variants and methods of use.
What is it for?
You can share it with any graphic designer creating for your business. It will make, the logo will always be used in the same way: without distortion and unacceptable modification. It is very important for the image of any company.
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